V-Bio Ventures finds, builds and finances young, innovative companies with ambitions in the life sciences arena.

Our fund, established in 2015, works closely with Belgium-based VIB, one of the world’s premier life science institutes. We invest throughout Europe in start-up and early-stage companies with high growth potential. These are drawn from both VIB’s own research pipeline and elsewhere. We focus on technologies that provide transformational improvements in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and agricultural sectors.

Our extensive network and expertise in the sector allow us to contribute more than just capital. We aim at being part of the DNA of the new ventures that we back.

  • Christina Takke is co-founder and Managing Director of V-Bio Ventures.
    Christina has more than 15 years of investment experience in European Venture Capital. Before launching V-Bio Ventures, Christina was a partner at Forbion Capital Partners (previously ABN AMRO Capital) were she led and managed a series of successful investments in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies.
    Christina has a scientific background, holding a PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Cologne, Germany, and an MSc in Biology from the University of Darmstadt, Germany.


    “A good team is crucial for any success!”



    Christina Takke
  • Willem Broekaert is co-founder and Managing Director of V-Bio Ventures.
    Before setting up V-Bio Ventures, Willem spent over 15 years working in and growing VC-backed life sciences companies as entrepreneur, consultant and executive. He was founder and CEO of Fugeia NV (now owned by Cargill), and Vice President R&D of CropDesign NV (now part of BASF). Before joining CropDesign NV, Willem was professor of Plant Biotechnology and Plant Pathology at the University of Leuven, Belgium. Willem holds an MSc and PhD in BioScience Engineering from the University of Leuven, Belgium, and a Master’s degree in agricultural economics from IGIA/ESSEC in Paris, France.


    “Focus on true needs!”



    Willem Broekaert
  • Katja Rosenkranz is currently Partner at V-Bio Ventures, which she joined in 2016.

    Before joining V-Bio Ventures, Katja spent more than 12 years in the life science venture business. She worked as an analyst at Polytechnos Venture-Partners and as CBO/CFO at Hepa Wash. Subsequently, Katja was a senior investment and project manager at Ascenion, where she managed the Spinnovator initiative and progressed early academic inventions to create spin-offs.
    Katja holds a PhD and MSc in Biochemistry from Witten/Herdecke University, Germany, and an Executive MBA in Medical Devices and Healthcare Management from the IBST, Tuttlingen, Germany.


    “Passion and perseverance to make it happen”



    Katja Rosenkranz
  • Ward Capoen  is currently Principal at V-Bio Ventures, which he joined in 2016.
    Ward has 10 years of experience in molecular biology research at VIB, the John Innes Centre and Harvard Medical School. His expertise spans both plant and animal models, and ranges from fundamental to translational research. Before joining V-Bio Ventures, Ward worked as a senior analyst at Candriam Investors Group (formerly Dexia Asset Management), where he was responsible for investment analysis of early-stage listed biotech companies.
    Ward holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Gent, Belgium. He also has an MBA from Vlerick Business School, Leuven, Belgium.


    “Identifying breakthrough science early on and nurturing it”



    Ward Capoen
  • Rishabh Chawla joined V-Bio Ventures as a Junior Analyst in 2018.
    Rishabh brings 6 years of experience in conducting translational research and has life science VC and banking experience. Prior to joining V-Bio Ventures, Rishabh interned at INKEF Capital, VI-partners and Kempen & co. Prior to this he worked as a scientist at the University hospital Tübingen, Germany, where he was involved in identifying novel drug targets for therapy resistant cancers and liver regeneration.
    Rishabh holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany, MRes in Molecular Medicine from the University of Glasgow, UK, and B.Tech (Engineering) in Industrial Biotechnology from VIT-University, India


    “Good science must be followed by great implementation”



    Rishabh Chawla

We are a scientifically trained team with complementary expertise in venture capital and entrepreneurial management. We are ‘bilingual’ – we speak the language of both innovating scientists and science investors. Our goal is to actively support young companies in setting up and developing their businesses, and through this steer them to international success.

Interested in our thoughts on investment-related topics in life sciences? Our articles on the latest innovation trends, business themes and portfolio company updates can be found on the V-Bio showcase page on BioVox.


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